Epson Stylus SX130 Driver Download

Epson Stylus SX130 Driver Download – The container says 30 pages for every moment. That is not a misrepresentation, it is an altogether, unabashed deception. The printer comes no place close to 30 pages for each minutes. Not by any means a large portion of that. I get around 2 pages for every moment printing high contrast message on an A4 sheet (marginally smaller and longer than a 8½” x 11″ sheet). Indeed, even in “quick” mode the print speed is not discernibly quicker. Printing out a 10cmx15cm (4″x6″) photo assumes control 2 minutes.

The top was from my laser printer, the center utilizing ordinary print mode on the Epson and the base utilizing “quick” print mode on the Epson (I know, the text styles are distinctive, sad, yet it doesn’t influence the general purpose about quality). The laser plainly gives the crispest print quality (it was a 600 dpi printer). The main contrast I see between the typical print mode and quick print mode is that the letters are somewhat coarser in quick print mode – however nothing to get energized over. The Epson gives great quality content that, for typical perusing, is undefined from laser printer yield.

Photographic prints (utilizing photograph paper) are superb and I don’t perceive any apparent contrast from the prints I get from the photograph shop. The pictures are sharp (accepting your photograph was sharp) and the hues energetic. I didn’t see any banding.

The Epson SX130 utilizes the T1281, T1282, T1283, T1284 printer cartridges – one cartridge for each shading. Epson touts this as being less expensive in light of the fact that you just need to change the vacant cartridge. Perhaps this is valid, however most likely very little. Every cartridge hold 3ml of shade based ink. That is not a great deal. I get between twenty four and thirty 10cm x 15cm (4″x6″) photograph prints (this expect you are not printing pictures of prevalently one shading). These yields are not in particular (particularly not contrasted with my laser printer where I was getting more than 1000 pages for every cartridge).

Epson Stylus SX130 Driver Download System Requirements & Compatibility

  • Windows Xp 32bit
  • Windows Xp 64bit
  • Windows Vista 32bit
  • Windows Vista 64bit
  • Windows 7 32bit
  • Windows 7 64bit
  • Windows 8 32bit
  • Windows 8 64bit
  • Windows 8.1
  • Mac OS
  • Linux

Epson Stylus SX130 Driver Download Installations


Epson Stylus SX130 Driver Download For Windows

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Windows, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista (32-bit)
 Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista (64-bit)
 Windows 8.1

Epson Stylus SX130 Driver Download For Mac OS

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 Mac OS X (10.7), Mac OS X (10.6), Mac OS X (10.5)
 Mac OS X (10.10), Mac OS X (10.9), Mac OS X (10.8)

Epson Stylus SX130 Driver Download For Linux

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 Linux (deb) Not Available
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