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Canon PIXMA MX532 Driver Download – In looking at 2013’s Cannon Pixma MX522 Wi-fi Office All-in-One Computer printer, the top-of-the-line model in some entry-level, office-centric multifunction printers, we groused that the MX522 was essentially 2012’s Pixma MX512 with reduced changes and a fresh name. Now, incremental advancements aren’t necessarily a terrible thing, but Canon’s problem with this process is the fact that, especially over time of counting on the same print out engine, you commence to fall behind. A lot of the other major printer makers–HP, Epson, and Brother–have released newer, faster, and slicker business all-in-ones (AIOs) in the same period.

Upon reading that the Pixma MX522 was to be changed by the MX532$80.74 at Amazon . com, we couldn’t help but wonder if the series would finally get overhauled–with, perhaps, a faster print engine and some other less significant upgrades. After placing it through our review wringer, though, we can record that the $149.99-list Cannon Pixma MX532 is, aside from a few trivial changes and show changes, basically the MX522 in new wrapping. In conditions of print and speed quality, it performed close enough to last year’s model for the speed dissimilarities to be negligible.

Also updated at exactly the same time as the Pixma MX532 was its less-expensive sibling, the $99.99-list Pixma MX472, a stripped-down office model slightly. Everything you get for the excess $50 in the Pixma MX532 is the capability to print from and scan to USB thumb drives, as well as programmed two-sided printing, Bluetooth support, and many mobile-printing features (which we’ll take a look at more closely in the look & Features section on another page). If you don’t decisively don’t need these features, they certainly appear worthy of the excess $50.

Having said that, that extra $50 on the purchase price lands the Pixma MX532 in a far more competitive category than Canon’s $100 model would maintain, and it gets graded over a tougher curve thus. These new Pixmas both use the semi-inefficient two-tank ink system that their predecessors did, meaning in addition they deliver the same high ongoing per-page cost of operation–for both color and black-and-white pages. (We’ll discuss cost per site, or CPP, in greater detail in the Installation & Newspaper Handling section in this review later.) Actually, as well as the sluggish printing, those high CPPs make these entry-level models unsuitable for small and home offices which may have anything apart from light to moderate print loads.

Alternatively, the Pixma MX532 churns out decent-looking documents, and its own images look very good, too, considering that this can be an entry-level, business-centric model. It includes almost all of the production and convenience features that you can sensibly expect within an all-in-one printer of the price, like the Big Four main functions (printing/scan/copy/fax). And it’s really super easy to use.

The nagging problem is that so a great many other faster, cheaper-to-use opponents are available that print just as well. This Pixma seems somewhat long in the tooth in comparison. Still, the Pixma MX532 is a well-built, reliable, and attractive AIO reasonably, even though it’s just a little costly to use and decrease to print. Unless you need to printing a whole lot overall, the Pixma MX532 is a wise choice, when you can think it is marked down especially.

The Pixma MX532 is very much like 2013’s Pixma MX522 that, given its sizes of 18.1 inches wide across, 15.2 inches wide from front to back, and 7.9 inches wide high, you can place the new model where in fact the old one stood without shifting an individual item on your desk. At 18.7 pounds, it’s no more than three-quarters of your pound heavier. The MX532 is enough small and light enough to take a seat on all however the smallest desktops pleasantly, as well as brief enough to match under most low-hanging racks or units. When combined with built-in Wi-Fi, this Pixma’s compact size helps it be convenient to place just about anyplace.

A proven way the MX532 will differ from previous year’s model would be that the latter got an attractive color visual display screen for configuring the device or initiating PC-free responsibilities, such as printing from or checking to USB storage area sticks, making copies, and faxing. This year’s control -panel, while it appears similar, is built around a two-line monochrome instead, readout-like LCD…

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