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Canon imageCLASS D1550 Driver Download – Compared to the rest Canon does–digital cams, photography printers, plotters, high-speed laser beam copiers–its monochrome laser beam printers may seem to be unsexy. Even multifunction-printer (MFP) models like today’s review device, the $599-MSRP ImageClass D1550, as elaborately in a position and feature-filled as they might be, are overshadowed by everything else that the Cannon name signifies.

That said, Cannon and its competition manufacture, upgrade, and sell these monochrome laser beam and laser-class (LED-array) printers by the boatload, so laser-based business machines are alive and well, even under the onslaught of price-aggressive business inkjets. The ImageClass D1550 to enter the market at the low end of your 11-machine Cannon product release previously this season, with Canon setting the D1550 as a laser beam MFP for small and home office buildings (SOHOs). Furthermore model, the business also rolled out the ImageClass D1520, which is $100 cheaper which is a “3-in-1” MFP (doing printing, scanning, and copying), instead of the D1550’s 4-in-1 features, which also contains fax.

Also part of this same early on-2016 kick off (and also downstream of the D1550) was the $399-MSRP ImageClass MF414dw, another 4-in-1 monochrome MFP. The MF414dw, though, dials back again the newspaper handling versus the D1550, with only a 250-sheet newspaper cassette, as opposed to the 500-sheet drawer that comes stock with the D1550. In a nutshell, the D1550 is the style of the latest number which makes the most sense if you want both faxing and a lot of paper packed at onetime.

Having said that, all three of the ImageClass models are expandable, permitting you to put in a second 500-sheet cassette, which we’ll cover in more detail down the road. And, as monochrome MFPs go, in conditions of acceleration and quality, the D1550 is an excellent one. Nonetheless it has an integral caveat: Considering its price and cost per site, it’s relatively expensive to buy, and when you printing or copy everywhere remotely near its 50,000-page regular duty cycle, its alternatively costly to use compared to that extent.

Quite simply, the D1550 resides on a distressing middle earth: Regardless of the high initial price for the hardware, you do not get an escape on the consumables to balance it off. The high cost per webpage (CPP) makes the D1550 better matched, as a printing device, to be always a relatively low-volume, occasional-use machine. Should your monthly print quantity procedures in the hundreds as opposed to the hundreds, you can find printers out there with better CPP numbers and which therefore make smarter high-volume prospects. This model is practical mainly if you too need to count closely on the non-printing operation that this product brings.

In a few of its online books, Canon telephone calls the D1550 a “Monochrome Laser beam Copier,” rather than laser beam MFP. Nowadays, the lines between these classes of equipment are receiving blurry. MFPs, by explanation, can copy; furthermore, many digital copiers do a lot more than duplicate. Here, the features bridges both classes, whether you’re stamping from a Computer or a mobile device, duplicating originals via the scanning device, or mass-scanning by using unit’s 50-sheet auto-duplexing computerized file feeder (ADF).

Nowadays, establishing most printers (even relatively sophisticated multifunction models such as this one) is simple. Much like most machines in the 40-pounds-and-higher membership, the hardest part to getting it installed was wrestling it from the box. Most people, we think, should get some good improve this; the D1550 is not beastly heavy. But it’s thick enough that hoisting it above waistline height may be considered a challenge if you are not a work out hound.

After bench-pressing the machine to its new home, it’s simply a matter of eliminating the packaging tape and materials, eliminating the seal on the toner cartridge, launching paper, and setting up the individuals and resources from the included disk. It had been all quick and reliable, taking no more than thirty minutes. Our only complaint would be that the drivers would be accessible to a wider selection of devices were they allocated via USB, somewhat than on optical disk. Many devices, including laptop computers, come without disk readers nowadays, and you will be forced to visit Canon’s site for a download of the program instead.

It’s a pity that this printing device costs a whole lot to use; normally it might be more desirable to so a great many other environments. Cannon offers only 1 size of toner cartridge because of this MFP, the Cannon Monochrome Laser beam Cartridge 120. Cartridge 120 is good, matching to Canon, for approximately 5,000 designs, and it markets for $176 on Canon’s site (and a bit more just about everywhere else). We do find third-party, non-Canon knockoff cartridges for less than $37–for what that’s worth–which could change the costing dynamics of the printer totally. But we can not recommend untested knockoff toner without serious reservations, especially in a printing device as pricey as that one.

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